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September 2021 - April 2022

Each year our AdLab Manager, Pat Doyle, assembles a team of seniors to help him run the AdLab and manage the many responsibilities that come with it. Since the beginning of September 2021, I have been working as a Senior Project Manager on the AdLab Leadership Team. As the structure of the team was restructured from previous years, it was difficult at the beginning to figure out what the year would loo like, and the best way to support everyone in our program. But as we have continued in these roles, we have seen just how important our team has been and the impact we have had on helping people to prepare for their careers.



  • Plan and conduct weekly meetings with the entire AdLab

  • Cultivate strong relationships with seniors, juniors, and sophomores to create a culture of acceptance in the AdLab

  • Provide weekly trainings to foster an environment of creativity and growth

  • Hold events for the program such as Pitch Tank, a Family Reunion, an escape room - we went above and beyond

  • Coordinate with our leadership team and faculty to manage various projects and events

  • Assist our creative team in planning our annual “Sundance” recruiting fair




  • Your job is to enable people to be the best versions of themselves. When the semester got complicated with Covid restrictions or unexpected changes, I learned that one of the greatest things you can do as a leader is to simply inspire those you are leading. Help them to become great, and realize that they are capable of doing great things - usually that's all they really need.

  • Small efforts make a big difference. Over the course of the semester as I talked to many different people and tried to meet new people every day, I realized that expressing interest in people builds trust much more than you would think.

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate. As someone who appreciates a job well done and strives for perfection, sometimes I struggle to delegate tasks and assignments. But what I realized is that people want to get involved and contribute! So give them things to do! It will strengthen your team.

  • Communication within a team is crucial to success. It's also really important to realize where things didn't go quite as well. Over the first month, communication was rocky with our team making 

  • Be authentic. Let people know how you are actually doing, or what you really think. People will respect you for that.

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