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Agency Internship


This past summer, I worked as an Account Management Intern at an agency called "ThomasARTS".


I was a part of the New York team, and was able to help create work primarily for the clients Aetna Medicare and CVS. The campaigns we created have a reach of 900,000+ members per year, and we had a budget of $600,000.

I was also given the unique opportunity to participate in a special New Business project, and support the executive team as I attended meetings, created conference reports, and kept team members connected throughout the process.


While much of the work that we created will only be released into the market later this year, here are some of the key takeaways that I learned through this experience:

  • Check, then double check, then triple check. And then check again. You should always proofread everything before sending it off to the client.

  • Silence is golden, especially in a client call. Let them think about what you have given them.

  • You are the mediator between your creative team and the client.

  • Always use "we". We are a team whether the client loves or hates the creative - we take it together.

  • Remember to create a good environment for your teams! A good pick-me-up may be just what your team needs to get motivated.

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