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Pinterest is no longer just a place for your mom to find crockpot recipes; it has evolved into a visual discovery tool that allows users to collect things they love and dream up the life they want to live.

My good friend Stephanie Blackham asked me to help produce this project since there were so many difference locations and moving pieces. After hearing about their concept, I had the idea to make this a choreographed piece, which brought all of the ideas together seamlessly.

With a month and a big team, we were able to lock down one incredible dancer, six great locations, truckloads of props,  dozens of extras, and enough art to make you feel like you are living inside a Pinterest board.


  • Ideated initial concepting, and pitched the idea of choreography to the team

  • Worked with another producer to lock down locations throughout Utah, and ended up filming in each of them for $0.00. Now that's a record low. 

  • Created call sheets for cast and crew, and sent out a comprehensive timeline with useful addresses and details

  • Assisted art directors in sourcing props and costume pieces from gold vintage frames to books, to a full on piano.

  • Coordinated with various locations managers to ensure that the shoot would go smoothly within the hours allotted to us for shooting


DIRECTOR: Anya Meredith


COPYWRITER: Stephanie Blackham

ART DIRECTORS: Anya Meredith, Skyler Gregerson, Emma Higbee, Gwynie Bahr

PRODUCER: Madi Hill & Chloe Albino
Assisted with Original Ideation: Izzy Anderson

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