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If there is one thing I'm passionate about, it is without a doubt ice cream.

I've adored it since I was little, always wanted just ice cream no cake on my birthday, and you can usually assume that an outing with me involves a trip for some soft serve.

So I give to you, The Coneoisseur.

The Coneoisseur

The Coneoisseur

The Coneoisseur

The Coneoisseur

The Coneoisseur

Born from the simple love of ice cream and the unconventional. I decided to document my venture to make crazy ice cream flavors and construct cones that could make your mouth water - even if the flavor did end up being barbecue sauce.

HOT cheeto

Ice cream

6/10 for Taste

10/10 for flamin' Cheeto dust fingers

hot cheeto.jpg
sweet potato pie.jpg

sweet potato pie ice cream

8/10 for Taste

10/10 for hand flamed

marshmallows on top

Honey mustard

Ice cream

3/10 for Taste

(but I'm biased. I hate mustard.)

10/10 for pretzels and mustard

honey mustard.jpg
jalapeno raspberry.jpg



Ice cream

8/10 for Taste

10/10 for that spicy zing

in the aftertaste



Ice cream

Needed to give the tastebuds a break.

10/10 for Taste

11/10 for home fried baby churros

Up next in the queue?

dark chocolate bbq
pop rocks
peanut butter and jelly

People submit fun flavor ideas through Instagram!

I am documenting all the behind the scenes there as well.

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