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An anthem for women to know that while it seems like the world expects you to sit still and look pretty, you are meant for much more than just that.

When I say this project was complicated, that doesn't cover the half of it. With over 20 actors and 16 locations, organizing shoot days and talent was nothing short of a miracle. Between just two producers, we were able to successfully keep the shoot on time, and make sure that everyone was where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. Because of our organization, we were able to assist our cast and crew and follow our timeline to a t.


  • Created casting calls and compiled diverse talent choices for the team

  • Contacted and coordinated with over 20 actors on each shoot day

  • Found backup locations and actors just one day before shooting when we had various last minute changes to different scenes in the script and shot list
  • Sent out call sheets for days and nights on set with all the necessary details and an hour-by-hour schedule

  • Mentored a student looking to know more about production and the role of a producer within a project


DIRECTOR: Andrew Rhee


COPYWRITER: Hailey Skinner

ART DIRECTORS: Anya Meredith

PRODUCER: Madi Hill & Julia Meredith

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