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So I have this thing with floors...

This title speaks for itself. My feet have taken me to many different cities and places.

And when I see a beautiful or interesting floor beneath my feet, my eyes drop faster than Miley Cyrus dropped the Disney Channel scene after her Hannah Montana days. ENJOY.

IMG_6551 2.jpg
IMG_1398 2.jpg
IMG_2603 2.jpg
IMG_8400 2.jpg
IMG_3980 2.jpg
IMG_8882 2.jpg
IMG_7990 2.jpg
IMG_6196 2.jpg
IMG_7722 2.jpg
IMG_9618 2.jpg
IMG_0510 2.jpg
IMG_3246 2.jpg
IMG_8881 2.jpg
IMG_3762 2.jpg
IMG_7713 2.jpg
IMG_3878 2.jpg
IMG_9617 2.jpg
IMG_8879 2.jpg
IMG_2881 2.jpg
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