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As we continue to live in the day and age of instant messaging and overnight shipping, we seem to easily forget the quiet moments in between. We become so focused on the future and the next big thing that we don't make an effort to remember the good times, or even the people who made us into who we are.

Ebay is a platform known for the plethora of one-of-a-kind treasures, and pieces that can take you back to a different time. So in a world that moves 8 billion miles per hour, eBay reminds us to take a second and remember the best parts of ourselves.

When I was approached to help with this project, I immediately fell in love with the narrative and wanted to be a part of it. Over the months leading up to the shoot, we scoured for locations and talent that would do this idea justice and represent such an intimate story.

Three days before the shoot, I received news that my dad was in the hospital and would need to undergo emergency surgery the same weekend we would be shooting. Because of this, I not only had to coordinate a weekend shoot, cast and crew, meals, talent, and cleanup, but also assisting my family the best I could. I am truly grateful for a supportive team that was so understanding as I would be in and out of set to help my family, and stepped up to bring this project to life.


  • Created casting calls, posted through various pages and talent agencies, and organized talent

  • Coordinated with each of the talent on payment, legal release forms, scheduling, and sizes for costuming

  • Completed various insurance and legal forms and required documentation in order to secure equipment from both Utah and California

  • Assisted in location scouting, set dressing, and finding key props

  • Sent out call sheets for days and nights on set with all the necessary details and an hour-by-hour schedule

  • Organized payment and created a budget for talent, locations, MUA, meals, and other charges

  • Became an amateur special effects artist by figuring out how to create cobwebs with a glue gun and fake dust the day of our shoot. Thank you, you can hold your applause.


DIRECTOR: Andrew Rhee


ART DIRECTOR: Lacey Tobler


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