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This past year, Brilliant, a company that produces science-backed and natural supplements, came to the BYU AdLab as a client looking for research, strategy development, and some creative work on a new project the company is working on.


Pat Doyle and my professor on the project, Jason Freeman, asked me to lead as the head account manager, and we assembled a team to take on the many parts of the project.


This has been one of the biggest and most time consuming projects I have ever worked on. Managing our creative team, multiple research teams, coordinating with the PR Intelligence Lab, and our team internally really pushed me to refine my skills as a manager, and stay on track with our objectives.

While I am under NDA and can't give specific details, let me tell you a little about my role in the project:


In-Depth Research Project


  • Built out a project timeline and detailed budget approved by the client

  • Led weekly meetings with both creative teams and management teams to update on progress and assign next steps

  • Communicated with the client via email and stayed connected throughout the project

  • Oversaw research that was done between two different classes over the course of 2 months

  • Conducted in-depth interviews and created a survey that was distributed to over 300 people throughout the United States

  • Learned SPSS and how to read data in order to create realistic

  • Develop a social media strategy that aligned with their goals and reflected their branding

  • Compiled all of our qualitative and quantitative into a 30-page book that outlined all of our research, results from our surveys and in-depth interviews, and next steps

  • Presented data to the client in a final presentation


While this project is still in ​progress, we were able to present to the client at the end of this past year. After our presentation, the client commented saying that this work was the best work that they had seen of any of the agencies that they had worked with in Utah.

Now that's a job well done.

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