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Aquaphor makes the unbearable a little more bearable by soothing skin irritated by radiation during cancer treatment.

I was asked to join this project two weeks before the day of the shoot. Due to some problems with group members, they were in need of a producer that could help them ​find props, help with scheduling, create call sheets, and make sure that the shoot went smoothly.

This has been my most difficult shoot to date, as I was trying to get up to speed and get the shoot back on track when the team had fallen a bit behind the production timeline. With organization and reaching out to unexpected places, I was able to help the team pull off a shoot that matched their vision, without running too behind on time.


  • Found props and scouted large furniture pieces, and coordinated transporting them to the set

  • Made quick decisions to ensure that the shoot would run smoothly, even though there wasn't much time to prepare beforehand

  • Sent out call sheets for days and nights on set with all the necessary details and an hour-by-hour schedule

  • Organized lunch and craft for over 15 cast and crew

  • Assisted in art direction and set dressing for the bedroom, which was the most extensive scene of the shoot


DIRECTOR: Andrew Rhee


COPYWRITER: Hailey Skinner

ART DIRECTORS: Ashlyn Elgrenn & Navia Taylor Jensen


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